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Dr.Gulnar Maharramova
Effective cleaning and shaping of root canals. I personally liked more Correction Files for Ledging Canals AF CL Files and AF Rotary for 4% taper which allows safe and conservative instrumentation. Moreover, I would like to point out MC-opener and Mc-shapers which are very useful to find the orifices of very narrow, obliterated(calcified) canals.
Dr Agnieszka Wasewicz
I am working with Fanta Files for almost one year. I really like that the company has in its offer hand files, especially k files and C flex files. I use them to every case now for easy and predictable glide path My favourite rotary systems are AF Rotary and AF S One Blue. I like that they have small sizes like 15.04 and 20.04 so I can enlarge the canal in a fast and simple way without the risk of cracks and a smaller amount of debris
Dr Tomasz Zbozen (Poland)
Fanta rotary instruments combine perfect designs with high-quality workmanship. They allow dentists safe and effective work both in simple anatomy and in very demanding cases. My favorite files are AF Rotary and AF F One.
Dr. Mildred Inoa
I am delighted with the systems and other products of the Fanta line. I feel confident using them, have great cutting power and fatigue resistance, grab root curvatures easily. the termination obtained gives us a conicity in which I feel that it is easier for me to clean the root canal. It is impossible not to feel that you are working with high quality instruments and manufactured with excellent materials.

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