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Dr. Massimo
1. F One is so far one of the best file I’ve used. It can go smoothly in even narrow and curved canals. High cutting efficiency, very safe file. But I use it in for sure after getting patency with k 10. 2. AF Rotary & C-path files are also very safe, useful in very narrow calcified canals when the dentine is very hard. 3. Fanta hand files (K or C) are very safe too, I’ve never had file separation even in most difficult cases, while got many K file separation from other brands. The good thing about these files that they got untwisting before separation, so good safe indication to replace the file. File C is very efficient and I use them in every case due to their efficiency.
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AF Blue R3 and AF One File review
I’ve previously used reciproc and reciproc blue and was quite happy with their performance, I’ve always liked how simple to use and economical they were compared to Protaper NEXT (which I use for most molar cases). Typically I’d use regular reciproc files for straight premolars and reciproc blue for curved premolars. I became aware of the FANTA branded files because I’ve bought my endo handpieces through Tomident and follow them on Facebook, Tomident distribute FANTA files in Australia. I really like the endo handpieces from Tomident so I decided to give their files a go and asked for a sample.
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Amr Hafez El-Hawary
Feedback: perfect combination of flexibility and cutting Efficiency, you can now prepare all types of canal , no matter how curved with Fanta Files, safely and predictably.
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