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Fanta Dental is the leading roles for designing and supplying high quality Endodontic materials. Our factory is located in Changzhou West Tai Lake Medical Industrial Park. Focusing on high degree of engineering sophistication and precision manufacturing for endodontic materials. Our products including 4 major areas, Endodontic Files, Gutta Percha & Paper Point, Irrigation Needles and Endodontic Organizer. Now we has distributors in more than 40 countries worldwide. And our patented Flat-side design rotary file has successfully win the great reputation in the Endodontic Academia.

The core values of Fanta are professionally, precisely, reliably, young, creatively, safely and happily. Fanta’s Marketing, Sales and Designer team are all young people. We hope our young team can bring more new thoughts and ideas to the industry.

Furthermore, Fanta’s distributor team are also consisted by young professionals. Their primary strategy is superior customer satisfaction . They will constantly bring the best service and support to every dentist.

With the capacity of high tech engineering and manufacture, Fanta committed to develop more and more innovative products to assist the dentists to achieve safer, easier and better Endodontic Treatment. Thus, make our contribution to the dental industry.

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