We strike for our teeth to stay natural shape, only to leave a bright and warm smile. Fanta is a manufacturer majoring in dental materials with unique and complete R&D system and high-quality production capacity. We solve problems coming from dental expertise in global with strong brief in saving dentine and keeping healthy teeth every day.

We aim to adopt scientific and effective methods, make passionate and firm efforts, innovate dental treatment solutions, provide doctors and patients with responsible and meaningful products, explore the high-tech for human dental health. We enjoy our reputation with our high-quality products, constantly pursue higher performance, constantly improve service quality, and are committed to letting dentists and patients enjoy delicious food freely, laugh freely and harvest a better life. 

We always focus on our customers’ experience, constantly innovate our products to satisfy our customers. Because only with the passion of continuous progress, we can be deeply dependent and loved by customers.


All the time, our Fanta constantly pursue higher quality and safety. With regard to the research, production and technical research and development of dental pulp and dental medical products, we constantly rely on the power of innovation, constantly update the concept, innovate the product concept, take the customers as the center, design a revolutionary dental pulp treatment product. As our constant innovation, we provide innovative solutions with global dentists and patients.

  • In 2016

    In 2016, Fanta has designed ‘AF Baby Rotary’ for deciduous teeth, the first manufacture round the world promoting file for children.

  • In 2017

    In 2017, with regard to the ledges, Fanta has designed the first file to bypass the ledges around the world: ‘AF Cl Rotary’.

  • In 2018

    In 2018, a new patented file was designed by Fanta, ‘AF F One Blue’ , special flat side design with excellent fracture resistance and a bigger space to reserve more dentine which can reduce the resist



We always strike for providing global dental expertise with innovative dental treatment solutions. We satisfy the needs and expectations of customers with high-quality products. Patients get healed, we get triumphed. We are committed to making ourselves outstanding and our products outstanding. We believe that only when each team member performs his or her own duties can we achieve our goals. And we always strictly abide by laws and regulations, adhere to professional norms, and ensure that the company's business development complies with the laws and regulations.


There is so many staff with experienced dental knowledge in our Fanta, and we are still pursuing more knowledge. We constantly enlarge our knowledge storage and share to dental expertise in global.


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